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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Posted by ColorMoonGames On 2:56 AM 1 comments

iPad New Flight Control Puzzle Game - Airline Control HD


★★★New game play! Flight airline control puzzle game!★★★
★★★60+levels, 5+scenes, 5+planes★★★

You're an fly boy, Driving a crayon-style small plane, crossing the enemy's front, back to airport. just touch and drag to change plane airline, collect star. Sounds easy? You'll need nerves of steel and smart strategy to keep the chaos under control! It's insanely addictive -- easy to start, but impossible to stop, so get it now!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Posted by ColorMoonGames On 10:57 AM 3 comments

Saving Seeds Deluxe HD

★★★The doodle physical game for iPad★★★
★★★Many interesting game play, Cut The vines, Slingshot, Blow on iPad...★★★
★★★Many interesting physics items and 200+ levels, Bomb, Gear, Box, Switch...★★★

☺ Like "Crayon Physics", Use the finger draw physical lines.
☺ Like "Angry Birds", Use the slingshot to send seeds.
☺ Like "Cut The Rope", Cut off the vines to save seeds.
☺ Blow on iPad, and the dandelion will scatter, very interesting, very beautiful.
☺ Originated from popular physics game "Saving Seeds Classic".

Some lovely little seeds around the flowerpots, They need soil, rain, sunshine. So they want to return to the flowerpots. They want to be a real flower❀ Now, Use your cleverness to help the seeds return to the flowerpots. OK, it’s your turn! Ready? Go!☺

How to play:
This is a very interesting physics game. Have fun while solving these puzzles, guide the seeds into the flowerpots, by drawing lines and using the limited ink wisely that you have. There's not only one solution for each level, try several. let seeds return to the flowerpots quickly and perfectly.
And your need wisdom, patience and love.

When the level running, you can control some items:
☺ Dandelion, Blow on iPad or touch it, and the dandelion will scatter.
☺ Vines, Like "Cut The Rope", Cut off the vines to saving seeds.
☺ Slingshot, Like "Angry Birds", Use the slingshot to send seeds.
☺ Pulley, Use the finger drag move seeds, flowerpots…

Five Chapter with four Seasons and a expansion over 200 Levels:
☀ Spring
☂ Summer
☁ Autumn
☃ Winter
❤ Expansion
Each Chapter has 40 levels with different scene, landscape. Sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, and sometimes butterfly flying, Bees flying, Frogs sing in summer and snow in winter. Seeds are also growing up to beautiful flowers with different colors and styles.

Physics Items:
✎ Supper Seeds
✎ Mini Flowerpots
✎ Stick
✎ Rock
✎ Turning Stick
✎ Turning Gear
✎ Box
✎ Bomb
✎ Thorn
✎ Switch
✎ Slingshot
✎ Vines
✎ Pulley
✎ Crank
✎ Touch Slider
✎ Dandelion, Blow on iPad, very fun and beautiful.

✰ Finish within the required time, get one stars.
✰ Saving all seeds, get two stars.
✰ Miss no star in this level, get three stars.

✓ The shorter time, the higher score.
✓ The less ink, the higher score.

☛ Best appropriate for iPad
☛ Deluxe scene design
☛ 5 chapter and 200+ levels
☛ 16+ physics items
☛ Save solution as picture to share
☛ Game Center Global Leaderboard
☛ Game Center 15+ Achievements 700 Points

❖ Video:
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♠ Experience the fun of blowing dandelion, Turn on the microphone option in the game, and keep background quiet.
♠ Turn off the background music can be heard each season unique garden background noise.
♠ Different levels of Saving Seeds in Classic Edition, Deluxe Edition and Free Edition.

☺Good Luck☺

AppStore Download:

Posted by ColorMoonGames On 10:31 AM 0 comments

Photo Shot Puzzler HD

★★★The most beautiful camera puzzle game★★★
★★★100 levels! 100 wallparer!★★★
★★★Support Customer Photo★★★

This is a beautiful game!Many HD picture: mountains, lakes, fields, flowers, food, pets, building ... ... and you can choose your own photos ~
And very different, very creative, very fun game!Play is also easy and fun.Enjoy the beauties of photos the same time, experience the fun of photography on the iPad.Family play with more interesting:)
In this game the most appropriate: lazy afternoon, lying on sunny sofa, a cup of coffee, relax, elegant, quiet the piano, by playing a few levels, or select his own Photos, memories of good times slowly...

How to play:
Want to be a good photographer it?
Your task is try to take photos as displayed at the top, and many score as you can! 
Drag carmera move, rotate aperture zoom. Tap button to take photos.

☛ Beautiful classic British style
☛ Simple and intuitive control, Best appropriate for iPad
☛ Customer Photo Support
☛ 100 levels and 100 Wallparer
☛ GameCenter support


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Cut The Block HD

★★★The Doodle Puzzle game for iPad!★★★
★★★1000+ levels!★★★
★★★Let's challenge your intelligence and fingers in Cut The Block!★★★


This is a funny puzzle game with simple drawing. Every level, the player should choose a certain quantity of blocks (every level are difference, maxium 7 blocks), cross off the blocks in horizontal or vertical till all of the blocks clear.

With the higher level of levels, the quantity of blocks will be more and more, and it requires more deliberate plans to pass the level.

With easy and relax music, it brings you fun of thinking other than exciting. Just like sudoku, it doesn't mean to pass, just for leisure and easy fun.

How To Play: 

The aim of each level is to clear it of all blocks by drawing lines through them horizontally or vertically. 

The tricky thing however is that you have to remove a certain number of blocks at the same time this way (this number changes throughout the game). 

1001 levels generated automatically by the program, in most levels there have a solution, but it does not represent every levels have the solution. When the current level can not pass, can skip to the next level.


☛ Fine art puzzle game
☛ Best appropriate for iPad
☛ Simple and intuitive control
☛ 1000+ levels now
☛ Open Feint support


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Saving Seeds HD

★★★The Doodle Physical game for iPad!★★★
★★★120+ levels!★★★
★★★Let's challenge your intelligence and fingers in Saving Seeds!★★★

2010-10-23 AppStore New&Notworthy
2010-10-30 AppStore Hot App
2010-10-27 Top14 All Game
2010-10-27 Top3 Board Game
2010-10-27 Top4 Arcade Game

2010.11.19~2010.12.3 Top Banner Recommended in China
2010.11.28 Top1 Family game in China
2010.11.28 Top1 Puzzle game in China
2010.11.28 TOP5 All App in China
2010.11.28 TOP3 All Game in China

Are you tired of noisiness? Now please calm down in beautiful soft music, and use your cleverness to help seeds return to flower pots.
Though 120 well-designed levels, you will have a rest in your soul.
OK, it’s your turn! Ready? Go!

How to play

Player need wisdom, patience and love.
Have saving of fun while solving these puzzles, guide the seeds goto flowerpot, by drawing lines and using the limited ink that you have. Use it wisely.


☛ Fine art puzzle game
☛ Best appropriate for iPad
☛ Simple and intuitive control
☛ 120+ levels now
☛ Open Feint

Next Version:
More Levels, More items(Cut Rope, Touch Box, Balance, Fan...), More Fun


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Posted by ColorMoonGames On 9:15 AM 0 comments

TapTapBubble HD

★★★Through 200 level, you are Superman!★★★
★★★Let's challenge your intelligence and fingers in TapTapBubble HD!★★★

How to play

Continue to click two bubbles of the same elf will rescue a pair of elves. Every round will begin with some elf' bubble. And the witch will add the bubbles randomly, and bubbles will fall down randomly. The player will release all the bubbles in a limited time to get the round through.

The Story of TapTapBubble

In the ocean far far away, there is a beautiful island named Yatis floating in the air. Many small elves live there happily. One day, a wicked witch comes to the island. She is looking into the gemstones on the island for long time, so she bewitches the elves who are guarding the gemstones. She hems them in magic bubbles. Finally, the little girl Jenna uses various magic to beat the witch and rescues the elf.


☛ Fine art puzzle game
☛ Simple and intuitive control
☛ 200+ levels now
☛ 4 different scenes now
☛ Open Feint

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