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Saving Seeds Deluxe HD

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★★★The doodle physical game for iPad★★★
★★★Many interesting game play, Cut The vines, Slingshot, Blow on iPad...★★★
★★★Many interesting physics items and 200+ levels, Bomb, Gear, Box, Switch...★★★

☺ Like "Crayon Physics", Use the finger draw physical lines.
☺ Like "Angry Birds", Use the slingshot to send seeds.
☺ Like "Cut The Rope", Cut off the vines to save seeds.
☺ Blow on iPad, and the dandelion will scatter, very interesting, very beautiful.
☺ Originated from popular physics game "Saving Seeds Classic".

Some lovely little seeds around the flowerpots, They need soil, rain, sunshine. So they want to return to the flowerpots. They want to be a real flower❀ Now, Use your cleverness to help the seeds return to the flowerpots. OK, it’s your turn! Ready? Go!☺

How to play:
This is a very interesting physics game. Have fun while solving these puzzles, guide the seeds into the flowerpots, by drawing lines and using the limited ink wisely that you have. There's not only one solution for each level, try several. let seeds return to the flowerpots quickly and perfectly.
And your need wisdom, patience and love.

When the level running, you can control some items:
☺ Dandelion, Blow on iPad or touch it, and the dandelion will scatter.
☺ Vines, Like "Cut The Rope", Cut off the vines to saving seeds.
☺ Slingshot, Like "Angry Birds", Use the slingshot to send seeds.
☺ Pulley, Use the finger drag move seeds, flowerpots…

Five Chapter with four Seasons and a expansion over 200 Levels:
☀ Spring
☂ Summer
☁ Autumn
☃ Winter
❤ Expansion
Each Chapter has 40 levels with different scene, landscape. Sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, and sometimes butterfly flying, Bees flying, Frogs sing in summer and snow in winter. Seeds are also growing up to beautiful flowers with different colors and styles.

Physics Items:
✎ Supper Seeds
✎ Mini Flowerpots
✎ Stick
✎ Rock
✎ Turning Stick
✎ Turning Gear
✎ Box
✎ Bomb
✎ Thorn
✎ Switch
✎ Slingshot
✎ Vines
✎ Pulley
✎ Crank
✎ Touch Slider
✎ Dandelion, Blow on iPad, very fun and beautiful.

✰ Finish within the required time, get one stars.
✰ Saving all seeds, get two stars.
✰ Miss no star in this level, get three stars.

✓ The shorter time, the higher score.
✓ The less ink, the higher score.

☛ Best appropriate for iPad
☛ Deluxe scene design
☛ 5 chapter and 200+ levels
☛ 16+ physics items
☛ Save solution as picture to share
☛ Game Center Global Leaderboard
☛ Game Center 15+ Achievements 700 Points

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♠ Experience the fun of blowing dandelion, Turn on the microphone option in the game, and keep background quiet.
♠ Turn off the background music can be heard each season unique garden background noise.
♠ Different levels of Saving Seeds in Classic Edition, Deluxe Edition and Free Edition.

☺Good Luck☺

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I love this game so much and thank you for making it. I would really love to review this game and give away a promo code to a very lucky iPad fan if you have a code to spare. Thanks again so much.

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I cannot unlock the next level even after getting the required number of stars. Plz help.

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