Monday, March 17, 2014

iPhone Game: Hold! Jump! Big head CUBOY’s Physics World

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Physics puzzle action game with innovative gameplay!High-qualities original game!Half-price limited in this week!

Every property,every gear and every jump are important. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Find your thrill and pleasure in the game.

Simple skills: Press down to jumps; Release to catch. Help Cube man jump between gears. Keep away from poisonous thorns and lightning carefully. Enjoy the high jump. Stimulating!

Style: Fresh and doodle.
Physics: Innovative game play.
Sharing: you can share your Highscore using Facebook or Twitter. The video record can be shared in YouTube.
Note: Synchronize progress across multiple devices using iCloud.
Update: Be forever free to update levels and gain more physics properties.

The developer is who designs "Saving Seeds", This game getting Top1 Physics Game at 2011 AppStore.
“Hold! Jump!” is originally designed by ColorMoonGames studio for 1 year.

From some players and review sites
"5/5 The most anticipated physics  game in 2014."
"5/5 Excellent physical game."
"5/5 Innovative gameplay and top-ranking games"
"5/5 Amazing physics games"
"5/5 Beautifully crafted indie games."

Big head CUBOY’s story
CUBOY’s story is doodled in an notebook at first. His girlfriend is caught by a dirty monster. The only magic to rescue his girlfriend is cleaning his body and soul. In the progress of rescue ,CUBOY needs to solve puzzles. Then, jump into the bathtub to clean himself. He needs your help. Finally, the CUBOY rescues his girlfriend. The story will be an cartoon film in the future version.



Its Awesome iPhone Game. It Looks too Cool :)

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